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Carotenoids have been investigated due to the importance of diverse biological functions since the beginning of the 19th century. The number of carotenoid structures is estimated to reach into 750 by 2004 in many literatures (Takaichi, 2011). To date September 2017, we have compiled 1169 carotenoid structures. To promote deeper understanding of the whole image of carotenoid world, we have recompiled carotenoid structure data, and the distributions in organisms from the latest available original papers, and made them freely accessible at We have also investigated the original chemical fingerprints to make it easy to classify the chemical modification patterns of carotenoids, to search for similarities more precisely than existing methods known to us, and to predict some of the biological functions of carotenoids such as provitamin A, membrane stabilizers, odorous substances, allelochemicals, antiproliferative function against cancer cells, and reverse MDR function at the present time. Detailed description on the Carotenoids DB Chemical Fingerprint is located at " ".

Takaichi S. (2011), Carotenoids in algae: distributions, biosyntheses and functions. Mar Drugs. 9(6): 1101–1118.doi: 10.3390/md9061101

Please note that all information included in our homepage are based on our current investigations which can hardly cover all the data in a restricted time. I would be grateful if you could give us your information, questions, or commens to Junko Yabuzaki.

We thank Prof. Masanori Arita for giving us a chance to build this database, Dr. Yasuhiro Tanizawa for advising and helping us to collect original papers. I would like to thank all the people supporting this project including people in the National Institute of Genetics and the Kyoto University Bioinformatics Center. This work was supported by the US National Science Foundation (NSF)-Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) Strategic International Collaborative Research Program (SICORP) for Japan-United States metabolomics.

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Thank you very much for using our database. Please cite the following article when you refer.
Junko Yabuzaki (2017), Carotenoids Database: structures, chemical fingerprints and distribution among organisms, DATABASE, Vol. 2017, Article ID bax004, pp.1-11,

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