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Carotenoid Name
IUPAC name (3R,3'R)-7,8-Didehydro-beta,beta-carotene-3,3'-diol
Molecular Weight 
566.832 g/mol
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Mol file
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Biological functions/Properties 
  • Photoprotective activity (Ref.429).
  • Xanthophyll cycle pigment.
  • Anticarcinogenic activity (Ref.494).
  • Number of
    conjugated double bonds 
    Number of
    conjugated multiple bonds 
    Canonical SMILES
    Hydrogen Bond donors
    (Lipinski's definition)
    Hydrogen Bond Acceptors
    (Lipinski's definition)
    Complexity of molecule
    Number of heavy atoms
    (Topological Polar Surface Area) 
    40.460 Å2
    Source organisms
    Pelagococcus subviridis (Ref.29) - Alga: Pelagophyceae
    Sarcinochrysis marina Getler (Ref.30) - Alga: Pelagophyceae
    Hymenomonas carterae (Ref.31) - Alga: Haptophyte
    Isochrysis galbana (Ref.31) - Alga: Haptophyte
    Pavlova lutheri (Ref.31) - Alga: Haptophyte
    Pavlova sp. (NEP)  - Alga: Haptophyte
    Phaeocystis sp. (Ref.31) - Alga: Haptophyte
    Prymnesium parvum (Ref.31) - Alga: Haptophyte
    Amphidinium carterae (Ref.33) - Alga: Dinoflagellate
    Gymnodinum nelsoni (Ref.33) - Alga: Dinoflagellate
    Peridinium bipes (Ref.494) - Alga: Dinoflagellate
    Tovellia sanguinea (Ref.34) - Alga: Dinoflagellate
    Skeletonema costatum (Ref.36) - Alga: Diatom
    Skeletonema menzelii (Ref.36) - Alga: Diatom
    Thalassiosira eccentrica (Ref.36) - Alga: Diatom
    Thalassiosira oceanica (Ref.36) - Alga: Diatom
    Thalassiosira pseudonana (Ref.36) - Alga: Diatom
    Thalassiosira rotula (Ref.36) - Alga: Diatom
    Grammatophora oceanica (Ref.36) - Alga: Diatom
    Navicula pelliculosa (Ref.36) - Alga: Diatom
    Nitzschia sp. (Ref.36) - Alga: Diatom
    Phaeodactylum tricornutum (Ref.36) - Alga: Diatom
    Euglena gracilis (Ref.38, Ref.8) - Alga: Euglenoid
    Euglena sanguinea (Ref.43) - Alga: Euglenoid
    Euglena viridis (Ref.44) - Alga: Euglenoid
    Eutreptiella gymnastica (Ref.45) - Alga: Euglenoid
    Corbicula japonica (Ref.221) - Shellfish: bivalve
    Corbicula sandai (Ref.221) - Shellfish: bivalve
    Corbicula clam (Ref.221) - Shellfish: bivalve
    Carassius auratus (Ref.365) - Bony fish: gold fish
    Fusinus perplexus (Ref.442) - Shellfish: univalve shell
    Clione limacina (Ref.635) - gastropods
    Paedoclione doliiformis (Ref.635) - gastropods
    Limacina helicina (Ref.635) - gastropods
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  • CAS
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    KNApSAcK: C00022863
    LipidBank: VCA0052
    MassBank: CA000052

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