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Organism name
Staphylococcus aureus                                                                                                           Find images with Google

NCBI taxonomy ID
Firmicutes - Bacilli                              Japanese
Carotenoid Profile
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CA00001  4,4'-Diapolycopene  - C30, psi,psi apo hydrocarbons (apocarotenoids) (Ref.540)

CA00003  Neo-4,4'-diaponeurosporene B  - C30, psi,psi apo hydrocarbons (apocarotenoids) (Ref.75)

CA00004  Neo-4,4'-diaponeurosporene C  - C30, psi,psi apo hydrocarbons (apocarotenoids) (Ref.75)

CA00008  4,4'-Diapophytoene  - C30, psi,psi apo hydrocarbons (apocarotenoids) (Ref.192)

CA00007  4,4'-Diapophytofluene  - C30, psi,psi apo hydrocarbons (apocarotenoids) (Ref.75)

CA00005  4,4'-Diapo-7,8,11,12-tetrahydrolycopene  - C30, psi,psi apo hydrocarbons (apocarotenoids) (Ref.75)

CA00006  4,4'-Diapo-ζ-carotene  - C30, psi,psi apo hydrocarbons (apocarotenoids) (Ref.540)

CA00002  4,4'-Diaponeurosporene  - C30, psi,psi apo hydrocarbons (apocarotenoids) (Ref.508, Ref.540)

CA00023  OH-Diaponeurosporene glucoside ester  - C30, psi,psi apo hydroxycarotenoids (apocarotenoids) (Ref.133)

CA00010  4,4'-Diapolycopen-4-al  - C30, psi,psi apo aldehydes (apocarotenoids) (Ref.540)

CA00011  4,4'-Diaponeurosporen-4-al  - C30, psi,psi apo aldehydes (apocarotenoids) (Ref.75)

CA01126  Hydroxy-diaponeurosporenal  - C30, psi,psi apo aldehydes (apocarotenoids) (Ref.540)

CA00034  4,4'-Diapocaroten-4'-al-4-oic acid  - C30, psi,psi apo carboxylic acids (apocarotenoids) (Ref.540)

CA00016  4,4'-Diaplycopene-4,4'-dioic acid  - C30, psi,psi apo carboxylic acids (apocarotenoids) (Ref.540)

CA00015  4,4'-Diaponeurosporen-4-oic acid  - C30, psi,psi apo carboxylic acids (apocarotenoids) (Ref.75, Ref.540)

CA00022  β-D-glucosyl 4,4'-diaponeurosporenoic acid  - C30, psi,psi apo carboxylic acids (apocarotenoids) (Ref.192, Ref.75, Ref.540)

CA00021  Staphyloxanthin  - C30, psi,psi apo carboxylic acids (apocarotenoids) (Ref.75)

CA00024  Isostaphyloxanthin  - C30, psi,psi apo carboxylic acids (apocarotenoids) (Ref.75)

CA00043  Lycopene  - C40 including C40 originated apocarotenoids and intermediates, psi,psi hydrocarbon (Ref.540)

CA00051  ζ-Carotene  - C40 including C40 originated apocarotenoids and intermediates, psi,psi hydrocarbon (Ref.540)

CA00042  3,4-Dehydrolycopene  - C40 including C40 originated apocarotenoids and intermediates, psi,psi hydrocarbon (Ref.540)

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